Fresh air inspires…

It started like this:

We finally got a lovely warmish day.  After a nice walk, I plopped myself outside to soak up some Vitamin D and do a little knitting on the front porch.  Sometimes it’s nice to watch the world go by.

Soon after, my lovely sister joined me.

She is the queen of dishcloth knitting. I think she’s turned out about 40 of them in the last couple months. She loves doing the same thing over and over and over again. I’m happy for her. The idea of knitting 40 dishcloths makes me want to do dangerous and probably fatal things with double point needles.

Katie joined us, followed soon after by Lydia.

And then, out came the Elliebean with her knitting.

She is diligently practicing her knit stitch. She wants to graduate to purls in the worst way.

You are almost ready, Grasshopper.

It was so diligent and artsy. It felt like Little Women, or Little House on the Prairie, or Little Something Else that is sweet and quiet and creative.

Here’s hoping for many more creative days on the front porch this Spring.


4 thoughts on “Fresh air inspires…

  1. sodbusters

    Emma has Ellie’s dress. I should show her this picture… she’ll wear the dress more. LOL.

    What a beautiful post.


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