On the last lap

Miss Ene is blocking. She turned out to be much much larger than I thought she would be.  In fact, if I’d had another one of my makeshift blocking boards, I could have easily gotten another 6-8 inches of width and height. As it is, she’s about 5’10” wide and 3 inches short of 3 feet deep at the point.

I do love blocking lace. I am always, always giddy with delight when I see those patterns open up.

This picture’s not so hot as far as the color is concerned, but it does a good job of showing the point I reached when I ran out of yarn.  That little triangle at the top center is knit with skein #2.  It’s been a good lesson for me, not least because I’m planning on using a different colorway of the same yarn for a State Fair entry this year.  The skeins (yes, I have extra, thank goodness) are pretty close, but not close enough to gamble with having another triangle show up unexpectedly…I’ll have to alternate rows between skeins.

I’ll rope Katie into modeling when Ene’s all dry.


4 thoughts on “On the last lap

  1. Jules

    Tis a beauty to behold!

    I didn’t enter the Olympics on account of my second daughter only 6 months old and I just am not getting the knitting time.

    J x


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