Olympic Stall

I could tell it was coming. I watched the yarn cake get thinner and thinner as I knit merrily along, trying to live in that blissful state of denial.  It was easy to distract myself with those folks jumping off of perfectly good mountains and jumping around on razor blades, but truth finally hit me like a curling stone. My one and only skein of yarn was not going to be enough to finish this shawl.

There is quite a bit left to knit on Miss Ene. Way too much to fudge it. This, I suppose, is the danger of knitting shawls from the border up. It’s not like I can just rip out the last few rows and construe an earlier border, like I could if this had been worked from center-top down.

Lesson learned: Do not trust the pattern notes on yarn requirements. From now on, I’ll need to be sure I have extra yarn or have a way to fudge the end of the pattern if I run out.

Sean came to the rescue and ordered another skein to be sent to me. I’m hoping it gets here in time for me to finish and block Ene before the closing ceremonies, but until it arrives, Ene is resting for the last sprint.

In the meantime, I’ve dusted off the newly stained and sealed spinning wheel…

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