Felted Laptop Cover

Sean asked me if it was possible to knit some sort of protective cover for his new Notebook computer. After I got over the pleasant shock of Sean actually asking me to knit something for him (he’s a big fan, but rarely wants anything warm and wooly), I responded with a confident “of course!” and then ran over to Ravelry to figure out how on earth I was going to accomplish it.

This pattern from Gauge Variant was my inspiration and starting point.  Since Sean’s computer was only 10″ wide, I decided to start with 100 stitches at the bottom. And since I knew it was going to be closed up anyway, I cast on using Judy’s Magic Cast On to save myself the trouble of seaming later.   I used Cascade 220 wools and just kept on knitting until it was about the same ratio too tall as it was too wide…how’s that for precise measurements? Truth be told, felting still freaks me out a little bit and this was both a “best guess” and an exercise in denial saving me from fretting about precision.

Once I figured (guessed) it was tall enough, I started on the flap.  For Sean’s cover, I wanted a rounder design than the inspiration piece had. To set up the flap, I knit 49 stitches, then bound off the rest of the stitches for that round and the first stitch for the next. That centered my flap and allowed for some computer width.  Then I started doing short rows, starting out by leaving 2 stitches untouched on either side of the first wraps & turns.  When it looked about long enough ( there’s that precision again), I picked up and worked the wraps on both sides and then cast off.

Here’s a pre-felting picture.

Fitting the felted object was a bit of a trick, as Sean wasn’t too keen on me cramming his new computer into a drippy woolen mass. I’m not sure he’s convinced my priorities are in order.  At any rate, we hunted down a book that was pretty close to the same dimensions as the computer and we wrapped it in plastic. I felted the cover in the washing machine until it was the appropriate size and then put it on the book to dry into the right shape.

A snip in the flap and an appropriately place button later, Sean had his cover.

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