Olympic knitting

The Yarn Harlot has set a challenge for those knitters who love the Olympics and want to get into the spirit of the thing. You can find details here.

So tonight, when the flame is lit, I will cast on for a shawl-sized scarf (I wonder why they don’t just call it a shawl?) called Ene’s Scarf.

I’m using this beautiful yarn:

It has the name “Prairie Grass” and I love it…it really does look like the tips of the grasses on the Konza Prairie in the Fall.

I’ve neglected this blog sadly for some time…here are some of the things I’ve been working on in the meantime:

More on this last one later…

6 thoughts on “Olympic knitting

  1. Rachael Schneider


    I’ve been wandering around Ravelry tonight looking for a cowl pattern, and came across your blog. Do you have a pattern you could share for the 2nd photo of your daughter – the diagonal-patterned one?

    I hope you’re doing well! Will you attend the reunion in July? We’re probably going.

  2. Kiersten Post author

    Hi Rachael! I used “Zigzag Cowl” by Mandy Powers. It’s a free download on Ravelry. She wrote the pattern to zig zag, but I just kept on zigging with no zags because I was liking how that looked.

    Not sure yet about the reunion…I have time to decide, right? 😉

  3. sodbusters

    As the recipient of the lovely blue fingerless gloves, may I say that they have been my best-friend this winter! I love them. Actually, love is too simple a word to describe my feelings for those marvelous, delicious, warm, inviting, classy, etc etc gloves.


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