A Banner Day for This Knitter

Sean has been after me for years to enter my knitting into the State Fair. This year, I finally did it. I submitted 3 items in 3 different classes:


This baby jacket,



this scarf,



and these socks.

Today I took these pictures:

state fair socks

state fair scarf

Thank you, Sean, for your encouragement!  And thank you to those of you who encouraged me…I’m tickled pink (or maybe blue?)!


7 thoughts on “A Banner Day for This Knitter

  1. Kata

    I knew you’d get first on the socks! I didn’t know you were entering the scarf and the baby jacket too! Congrats, crazy kirky girl. They are all awesome!

  2. Jules

    Hello there.

    I’m a fan of your blog (though fairly new to it). I was looking for a hat pattern for my 4 year old daughter and loved the one shown on your Ravelry home page (your daughter wearing blue cabled hat). I had a quick look through your projects and I think Creed is the nearest pattern to what I was looking for but it’s for a baby. Can you suggest a pattern or tell me if Creed will go up to the size I need please?

    best wishes from a fellow knitter, Jules

    Glasgow, Scotland

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