My dear Sean, who is a very patient spouse-of-a-knitter, has finally put his foot down and insisted that I put some entries into the State Fair this year. (Yes it’s in September, and yes, I know it’s almost July, and no, I haven’t been so stupid as to actually count the days I have to complete these, thankyouverymuch.) Thankfully, he had some definite ideas about what I should enter, so that helped the process immensely.

Project 1 is a shawl knit with my own handspun.  Here’s the roving I chose:

garnet fiber

My first challenge was to see if I could spin a decent lace weight single that wasn’t horribly over twisted. I thought it would be smart to spin up a small amount and see if it would work. This is what I came up with:

blueberry pie


I had expected it to spin up a darker blue, but I love the purple.  The different shadings should give the shawl some visual depth.  I hope.


I’m using Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Pi Shawl as my backbone for the pattern. I want the inner circles to be plain stockinette, and then I’ll branch into some lace that is yet to be determined.


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