Things to do, things to do

I’m at that lovely point in my knitting to-do list that is the result of start-itis but has yet to reach the satisfying conclusion of finish-itis.  What do we knitters call that? Middle-itis? Get-er-done-itis? Time-to-face-the-music-missy-you-bit-off-more-than-you-thought-you-did-itis?  The good part is, I never have to think hard about what I ought to be doig with spare moments. Knitting. I don’t even have to look hard to find one of the porjects I need to get finished. They are all about me. I’m sure my family is thrilled. 😉

I wonder if someone has come up with a handy scheduler that tells someone when to work on which of a number of projects.  What do you fellow knitters do? Work on a different one each day? Switch out by the hour? I’m thinking there had to be a more logical choice than “my current whim says THIS”.  (Some may suggest that a logical aproach would be to finish one project before starting another, but I am not willing to take such drastic measures.)

Here is one thing I’ve actually finished in the last couple days:

ftw socks

This sock actually has a mate now.  The pattern is Feather the Waves, knit with Malabrigo sock yarn (yum) and it’s my first toe-up sock. It’s fun to shake things up once in a while. I have another pair of socks to knit for the owner of this par and they will then wing their way north.


4 thoughts on “Things to do, things to do

  1. MamaNeipp

    That is so pretty.

    I guess knitting in a sense is like sewing. Tons of projects, want to work on all of them at once. Little time in the day to acomplish everything.

    David is CONSTANTLY telling me too focus on ONE thing and get that done. Dont start another project until all the UFO’s are completed…. somehow that is so much easier said than done.

  2. outandin

    Last year I was working on three big projects at once, and one was fun, one was okay, and one was no fun at all. So I put myself on a very strict rotating schedule of one project per week. I used to really look forward to the week when my favorite project was scheduled! And since all three projects soon became too large to lug around much, I still had my “travel knitting,” small projects that I worked on when I was away from home. It worked for me–eventually all three big projects were finished.

  3. Isdihara

    Ooh, I too am a bit mired in mid-way-itus projects! Sewing, knitting, tatting, etc. I just keep repeating that sage little ditty made popular by Dora the “little blue” fish in Finding Nemo —

    “Just keep swimming…just keep swimming…”

    I absolutely adore your first toe-up sock. It’s so lovely! I am just about finished with my first toe-up sock (it also happens to be my first sock ever) and will be posting a photo on my blog soon.


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