Loving the Lace

I actually HAVE been knitting…but most of it has been either “secret” or bulk dishcloths, which haven’t inspired much blogging.


But slowly, what was once secret can now be shared without fear of spoiling any surprises…like this lace scarf.


I don’t think I will ever get tired of the magic of lace. It really is not very promising straight off the needles.  This was knit with baby alpaca, so it was at least a soft unpromising wad.


And then the blocking…

Ideally this would be done with blocking wires rather than 8 billion pins, but either way works.  Katie helped me stretch and pin the scarf so all the design showed its beauty.


Dry and blocked, this pretty scarf was given by a friend to another friend, and will be a memento of her visit to the States.


3 thoughts on “Loving the Lace

  1. Dell

    That is absolutely lovely!

    Amazing–amazing that it must be stretched to show it’s true beauty, how like our souls sometimes.


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