Baby Bag: Cuddle Saque


A friend of mine asked me to knit a cuddle saque for her soon-to-be arriving newborn.  I like how it turned out and thought I’d share the “pattern”. She wanted a plain one, but this seems like a wonderful blank canvas on which to add cables, lace, or color.

I used Bare Worsted Wool from Knit Picks, 1 skein (220 yds)

size 6 & 8 dpns and size 8 16″ circular (although you could use dpns all the way through or any length circular if you want to do magic loop)

my gauge was 4.5 stitches/inch

CO 108 on size 6 needles

work k2, p2 rib for 2-3 inches

switch to size 8 needles and work in stockinette until you have just enough yarn to cast off

BO with 3 needle bind off, weave in ends, block.

This one is a bit over 15″ long and a touch over 12″ wide…perfect for little bundles of newborn deliciousness.


9 thoughts on “Baby Bag: Cuddle Saque

    1. mywyvern

      A cuddle sacque is a loose-fitting garment for an infant. It allows the baby freedom of movement while still providing full coverage for warmth. The sacque usually has sleeves (sometimes with attached mitts for additional warmth) and a long loose “skirt” with a drawstring (or similar) closure at the bottom that allows the baby’s diaper to be changed without having to remove her/his clothing. I hope this is helpful.

  1. Mrs.C

    I’m with Sean, it’s brilliant in it’s simplicity. Also agreeing you could have a lot of fun with some cables or color it.

    I found a couple of similar items in thrift shops years & years ago when my first was a baby. They were among my favorites, one had a wee little hood too, and a piece of i-cord woven through the bottom so you could snug it up…probably none of that passes the safety inspectors these days!

    Carry on.

    Mrs C (for Kate of the coffee variety….)

  2. Lee

    This is a fabulous pattern! Did your friend request the closed bottom? I am considering leaving the bottom open and adding several inches of 1×1 rib so it could be pulled up for diaper changes but be as snug as possible. I agree with Mrs. C. that a ribbon or cord to pull the bottom tight might not be considered safe today. I have some pink and white washable wool, so wouldn’t worry about using just one skein. My babies are grown, so I can’t decide whether the open or closed bottom would be more convenient. Thoughts?

    1. Kiersten Post author

      I think I’d be inclined to leave it closed. My babies are all grown, too, but I’m remembering how they could wiggle out of blankets too easily, and how the sacque baby sleepers felt like the greatest thing since sliced bread. It sure couldn’t hurt to try it at least once. I’d love to see it if you try it open!


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