Monthly Archives: January 2009

Inspiration, Courtesy of Disney’s Expedition Everest


What are the chances of finding knitting inspiration in the queue line for a heart-stopping roller coaster ride?  Pretty good here!  On my way to be eaten by the Yeti (along with my father, husband, and the 3 older kids), we passed through a “museum” of Yeti information and Mt. Everest expeditions and found these GREAT socks and gloves!


Dear Mickey, should you ever need more hand-knitted items for anything in your theme parks, please let me know. I’m a big fan. 🙂


Here’s a little shot of my airplane knitting…I’m knitting these socks from this yarn (Evil Stepmother colorway). The yarn has some alpaca fuzz which is fun and very very soft. I’m just grateful it was determined to be non-threatening by the friendly TSA agents.


A New Year’s Adventure

I am very excited that this year I will be starting to work on the TKGA Master Hand Knitter certification program. My Level 1 materials arrived via e-mail yesterday and I’ve gotten more and more excited about digging and and getting to work. I’m anticipating learning so much, building confidence, and having a great time.

My materials await!