Beast to Blanket Wrap Up

Saturday night was Family Night for our homeschool co op, and my Beast to Blanket students had the opportunity to show off their stuff!


Here’s our class table.  Starting at the far left: roving, drop spindles, singles and a little skein of yarn spun by the kids, finger knitting out the wazoo, and Kool Aid dyeing…


…and the needles they made, some practice squares, some original Fair Isle patterns, some items knit by some of the students who really took off with the knitting, and…


…our blanket!  This blanket was knit by the students, with yarn that the students dyed, on knitting needles they made for themselves.  I’m so pleased with how it turned out and how hard they worked!  Some of my students will avoid knitting for the rest of their lives if they can help it, but several have found a new hobby…many are planning to use their new skill to make Christmas presents for friends and family.

It was a great experience!


6 thoughts on “Beast to Blanket Wrap Up

  1. Roxanne

    I so loved seeing you do this with the kids. Even if they didn’t take up knitting for life they know where wool fabric comes from and how it is put together.

  2. Rachael Schneider

    I’ve just written you a long email, including a paragraph about how we both knit. Forget what I said. YOU knit, I dabble.

  3. Cathe

    That looks like a wonderful class, Kiersten! It must have been a lot of work for you, but if you could condense it into 2-3 sessions, it would make a neat (profitable) class for adults. If you do mostly demonstration and lecture, you might be able to do it in a one-day workshop! I love it!

  4. Jennifer Johnson

    I am so glad you have a picture of the table! My parents weren’t able to come and Mom really wanted to see the blanket, plus the other work. All three girls are still knitting! YAY! Jen J.


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