A League of Her Own

When I taught Katie to knit, I had fuzzy-edged dreams of the piles of hats, sweaters, scarves, mittens, etc., we would make together.  I had images of her poring over patterns and carefully choosing and meticulously following one, taking quiet joy in perfectly reproducing something someone else had designed for eager knitters just like her.

I must have fogotten who I was teaching to knit!

Katie is not a pattern-follower.  Truth be told, she’s not really a frequent knitter (and I’m okay with that. Really. I swear.) but when she does pick up her needles, this is the sort of thing she does:

For those of you who didn’t automatically know what this is, it’s a double sleeping bag for 2 of Katie’s little pet creations, “Hairballs” known as Firpo Purble and Marberry Purbly.

Pattern, schmattern. (I mean, seriously…have you ever come across a pattern for a double sleeping bag for puffballs??!?) She just grabbed some yarn, asked me if she could use some size 6 needles and churned it out.  Brilliant.  And totally opposite her mother.  Who says knitting can’t show off individuality?

Here’s a pic of the co op yarn drying:

I absolutely love how it turned out.  I hope the kids are as excited as I am!


3 thoughts on “A League of Her Own

  1. Tawni

    I just thought you should know— last night I dreamed that Wal-Mart had an aisle where you could dye and spin your own yarn (though, now that I think about it, they didn’t have any fiber, and very few undyed yarns either). I debated taking advantage of it, but decided not to, since it would mean I would have to return to Wal-Mart more often.
    I believe that dream was inspired by these last couple of posts. 😉


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