Beast to Blanket, Week 3

Today’s class was in 3 parts: dyeing, judging the finger knitting contest, and learning the knit stitch. 

Some of the kids really put a huge effort into their finger knitting!  The winners got a package of candy and (what else?) a skein of yarn.

It is always very rewarding for me to help children learn how to knit.  I was very pleased that by the end of our class, every single child was able to work several knit stitches all by themselves.  I taught them 2 poems that I found in some children’s knitting books to keep the steps in the right order and not leave anything out.

Under the fence
Catch the sheep
Back we come
Off we leap (Kid’s Knitting by Melanie Falick)


Bunny in
Around the top
Bunny out
Off he hops! (Kids Learn to Knit by Guy & Hall)

It was fun to hear them mumbling these to themselves as they worked through each stitch.

I think the kids most enjoyed the dyeing.  We used the sun & KoolAid method, and Bare yarn from KnitPicks.

Each child filled their jar halfway with warm water and mixed in 2-4 packages of Kool Aid and 1/4 cup of white vinegar.

Then they put in their skein of yarn, which I had previously wound for them and soaked in warm water.

If there was any space left at the top of the jar, we filled it up with warm water and put the lid on tight.

We’ll leave them outside in a sunny spot until the magic is done. The water will turn clear as all the dye attaches to the yarn fibers. Once that happens, I’ll rinse the yarn and hang it out to dry so the students can wind them next week.  But for now…

…I kind of like it as it is.


4 thoughts on “Beast to Blanket, Week 3

  1. Kiersten Post author

    Ooo…bad labelling. That’s a picture of the finger knitting ropes…the longest in each class got a prize.


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