Stick a Fork in Me

I’m done:

This time the Hat Attacked early, taking me out of the running.  It’s a lovely hat, though, so it’s hard to feel too put out. 

My demise has allowed me to temporarily retire from the “hat out of sock needles” business and focus on a few projects that need work:

This Dream Swatch Head Scarf is for a friend who is involved in the tricky and frustrating process of growing our her hair.  This one’s done and is awaiting its friend (Arrowhead Lace Headband) to be finished before it goes winging its way across the miles.

I spent a little time with Bessie this morning working through this very interestingly dyed fiber.  I can’t tell yet if I’m going to love it or hate it when it’s yarn.  That’s been true at this point of every roving I’ve spun from this lady, and yet every one has turned out as a “love it”.  You’d think I’d have learned to trust her and the process by now, but I keep thinking “…hmmm….really? This color, too?  Hmmm….”

In all honesty though, spinning today is just procrastination.  What I need to do is prepare for co op tomorrow, which is going to involve Kool Aid dyeing yarn.  I need to turn this:

into 20 loose skeins and gather all the equipment.  We also need to start learning the knit stitch tomorrow, which means I need to roll 20 small balls of acrylic and use them to cast on 2 pairs of needles before tomorrow morning.

I might just spin a bit more. 😉


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