Beast to Blanket, Week 2

Today my co op students finished sanding and oiling their wooden knitting needles and they glued on the Sculpey ends.  We spent the rest of the time learning finger knitting.  It was a lot of fun.  Here’s a picture of Andy and his cousin, Carter, getting the hang of things:

If this is bringing back happy, long-forgotten childhood memories of a bedroom draped in these things, here’s a link to bring that past to the present.

In Hat Attack 2 news, my target should have received her hat today, which is a small but real consolation for the fact that I heard that my hat is in transit as of this morning.  I am torn between strongly desiring the postal service to boof up the delivery, and yet hating the thought of all my assassin’s hard work going to waste.  Plus, I heard it’s blue and purple.  There are worse ways to go, including the hat I knit!  I promise that rusty orange red looked a lot more scarlet on the screen when I ordered it.


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