Don’t worry…

…if I seem preoccupied for the next few days. Hat Attack 2 officially begins tomorrow, with the pattern being released at some mysterious time.  I still have to knit a swatch!  Ack!  Last time was great fun, and I have no expectations of making it as long as I did then, but the competitive beast within is purring….bring it on.

I’m hoping to have an FO to report soon (one more toe left on a pair of socks, a leg and a half left on a soaker, and a few more inches on a shawl), a pattern to share of the bag I made a week or so ago (yarn for 5 more arrived today, with one being spoken for already), and maybe some more handspun to share…here’s the beginnings of some spinning:

But until then, think killer knitting thoughts for me, as the battle is about to begin.  😉


One thought on “Don’t worry…

  1. Melian

    I think Hat Attack would be fun, but there’s no way I would get out of the first round. Even with knitting during my nightly 2+ hours of insomnia, I can’t compete with the people who can knit all day! Maybe when I’m a stay at home mom, right? (Cause, you know, I’ll be less busy! Ha ha ha…)


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