Beast to Blanket, Week 1

Our children participate in a home school co-op in the Fall and Spring, and this Fall I’m teaching a class called “Beast to Blanket” for some of the older elementary and junior high aged children.  It’s going to be 10 weeks of “how do we get from sheep (or other material) to knitted item?”  I’m looking forward to it.  Tomorrow is our first day, and I’m planning on a little overview of the whole process, a chance for the students to see a few different fibers, and we’ll also be making our own knitting needles. 

I made my own demo pair this morning:

I used pre-cut dowels and ran them through a pencil sharpener.  Our electric pencil sharpener is threatening legal action after I went ahead and prepped the rest of the dowels for classes tomorrow.  I used Sculpey to make ends for the needles, and sanded and oiled the dowels to make them soft and smooth.  The glue is still drying, but in a few hours I’ll have a completed set of 12″ long size 8s.  Pretty cool!


3 thoughts on “Beast to Blanket, Week 1

  1. Melian

    You didn’t mention the mineral oil. Where does that come in? At which step?

    And, out of curiosity, do you know about what size these needles are? I mean, what diameter dowel and what US # does that correspond to?

    Sorry I’m full of questions!

  2. Kiersten Post author

    The mineral oil is applied after the sanding and before gluing on the ends. I’m not sure it’s necessary, but it makes the wood feel nice. I used a package of pre-cut dowels from Walmart, and the narrowest of the assortment is a size 8 needle. I didn’t measure the biggest, but I’d guess 10.5-11.


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