Daily Archives: August 23, 2008

Eau d’BFL

I’m expanding my horizons, sheepishly speaking.  Up to this point, most of the sheep hair I’ve been spinning has come from Merino sheep.  I love them.  If I ever own sheep, I want Merino sheep.  They could be the meanest creatures on earth, kicking and spitting to beat the band, but their fur is dreamy, so they’re top of the list.

Today I finished a non-Merino roving. 

This is BFL (Blue Face Leicester…I had to look it up).  It was really nice to spin…rougher than merino, but a great fiber.  I noticed the biggest difference when I washed it, though.  All wool smells manky when wet, but this was a new level of manky.  The kids and I discussed it and agreed that it reminded us of petting zoo smell.  Thankfully the smell went away once it was dry!