Knitter, Know Thyself

My daughter and I are participating in a dishcloth swap.  It’s our second one and it’s a lot of fun to do.  This round, Katie is especially excited about the person for whom she is knitting a dishcloth. She decided she wanted to try a more complex pattern than she’d done before, and was doing well until about the 14th row when she looked down a couple rows and realized she’d made a little counting error.  It absolutely paralyzed her.

We had a long talk about different kinds of crafters: those who can’t abide any mistakes in their work, those who take them in stride and laugh them away, and all the shades in between.  I explained that I knew for a fact that her gift recipient would love her gift even with mistakes in it, but Katie would have to decide her own comfort level for errors.  She was obviously not okay with this error, even though I think you’d have to really hunt for it to find it.  She decided to rip it back and start over.

I’m proud of her for working it out.  And it’s okay that she’s a little bit on the perfectionist side of things. I can’t imagine where she got it, though.


Some “hired spinner” photos:

2 thoughts on “Knitter, Know Thyself

  1. Melian

    I tend toward the perfectionist, too, particularly when crafting for someone other than myself. It’s why I paid special attention to how to fix errors in knitting when I was first learning. I detest frogging, but I will do it if I can’t fix the error.


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