Sometimes I am asked for helpful resources for knitters, so I thought I’d try and post a few of my favorites now and again.


This book is at the top of my list.  To use this book, you grab the yarn you want to use, the needles you want to use, and knit a gauge swatch.  Then you determine which item you want to knit (hats, gloves, mittens, sweaters, socks, etc.) and follow the directions for the gauge you have determined.  It’s a wonderful tool.  All the patterns are “plain”, so the book is helpful for those just learning how to knit these items as well as for those who are learning to create their own designs by altering a basic pattern.  Sizes go from preemie to XXL. Considering the prices of patterns can range up to $9 or more for a sweater pattern, this book of patterns is a bargain, as well. Mine is well marked and well used. It’s my go-to resource when I start thinking about designing a pattern.

(And just to be up front, I am an Amazon associate, so should you choose to purchase this book, you can click the image of the book and Amazon says it will give me some sort of fantabulous credit.)


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