Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3…

I really like knitting.  Knitting has gone from being a neat hobby to…something else, and I’m very excited that part of that “something else” has included working a bit with the talented Meg of Twisted Fiber Arts.  She’s in Michigan, I’m in Kansas, but what is that in this day and age?

I’ve had the privilege of spinning some of her rovings to be used in the photographs for her new website, there’s another project or two in the works, and I also had the opportunity to do some test/sample knitting for her.  She said it was fine to share on the blog, so here’s a picture of Clapotis (like the scarf I have a few posts below), knit in her fantastic Evolutions style of dyeing, in a silk yarn that is so amazingly soft and wonderful that it should be a controlled substance.  Worse than crack, people. I kid you not.

I love the idea behind this yarn…she starts with one color, and it shifts, almost inperceptibly, to a completely different color.

Stalk her site, folks, and look out for the silk yarn I’m hoping will become public soon.  If you end up with extra, I’ll send you my address. 😉


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