Houston, we have sock yarn!

Yesterday I finished spinning and plying a beautiful 8 oz merino roving as part of the Tour de Fleece:

The color is hard to capture, but it is a very deep, rich, almost-purple cranberry color.  I ended up with 863 total yards, and the best part? It’s fingering weight!

Here are my skeins with two skeins of commercial sock yarn. The color is all off, but the picture does show the thickness, or weight, of the yarn I spun…sock yarn!  This was a huge goal when I started spinning…I wanted to get to the point where I could spin a consistent fingering weight.

I was anxious to see how it would respond to washing, as I had heard that merino tendsto poof quite a bit.  No worries though, it’s still sock weight…and soooooo soft.

I am so pleased with this yarn.  I’m hunting for the perfect inspiration to turn it into a shawl.

Next up:


3 thoughts on “Houston, we have sock yarn!

  1. kaele

    Wow! We had so much fun at the Dane County Fair this weekend and part of it was because we got to watch a lady spinning! We learned a lot more about how you are doing all this and it was amazing to see how it all worked! (She was working right next to her sheep exhibits! 😉

    How would a non-expert learn how special it is that you created finger weight yarn? Care to do an educational entry? Your creations are beautiful!


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