Tour de Fleece

Ravelry strikes again with its wonderful wonderfulness, including a group called “Tour de Fleece,” a bunch of spinners wanting to focus on accomplishing a lot of spinning during the Tour de France.  If you think about it, it’s not too big a stretch.  After all, I have to pedal constantly to keep my wheels turning…it’s really the same thing.  I need a yellow shirt, don’t you think?

It’s a good opportunity to get through some fiber that’s been accumulating since I learned how to spin:

Some of it is to be spun to sell, and some of it is to be spun for me!  I decided to alternate.  The first skein of finished yarn is now dry and ready to go on the Etsy site later today:

It’s spun from Twisted Fiber Arts’ Festive roving, colorway Anges.  I’m calling it Grape Salad.  It’s 315+ yards of 2 ply yarn (4 oz.), ranging from fingering to worsted weight, 2-plied, in wool and silk.  Katie thinks it is really cool.  She even helped wind the yarn onto the niddy noddy.

The next project on the wheel is 8 oz. of incredibly soft merino wool in a rich cranberry color.

It is very difficult to photograph accurately, because the very few light fibers want to catch all the photographic glory and make the wool look shinier and lighter in color than it actually is.  You can see some of it in the second stash picture up above to get a slightly better idea of the true color, but the closeup shows the very nice color variations in the wool.

Here’s where we are at the moment:

I’m planning on 2-plying this to maximize yardage, in hopes of having enough to make a shawl.  I’m guessing I’ve got it so it will be fingering weight when it’s done, but I can never be sure until the thwacking and the drying are done.

In other news, Hat Attack 2 signups start next week.  🙂


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