I can’t pronounce it, but it’s done…

This is the Clapotis pattern (free!) knit in the Netherfield colorway of Twisted Fiber Arts’ Shiny.  Perfect yarn for a slinky scarf!  I think the name is French, but that doesn’t help me much.  I didn’t get much past “Je m’appel Kiersten” in French.

It’s a clever pattern, knit on the diagonal, with intentional dropped stitches.  The first few really freaked me out, but then it became sort of addicting.

I modified the pattern by doing less than half of the repeats to get the scarf-like width I wanted.  The original pattern makes a much wider shawl, and I’m tempted…sorely tempted.

This scarf is another testimonial to the magic of blocking…it was a rolled-upon-itself mess of silky yarn yesterday afternoon.  With the help of a little H2O and the back of my couch, it now shows off its lovliness…over 6 feet of lovliness.

4 thoughts on “I can’t pronounce it, but it’s done…

  1. Amanda

    the s would be silent. as i took 6 years of french my first instinct would be


    i hope that helps.

    and it is a gorgeous pattern and came out beautifully.


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