Ripple Scarf

This ripple scarf will make a good scarf or headscarf.  I used up the rest of my skein of Maid Marian to make it.  I like how this scarf really highlights the changes in colors. The pattern is from the book Scarf Style, although I modified it by only doing one repeat of the feather and fan pattern.

And for the record, no.  It wasn’t in the unfinished socks pile. 😉

10 thoughts on “Ripple Scarf

  1. Amanda

    omg thats gorgeous. i’m making a rainbow scarf for my momma but it doesn’t look as nice as that. NOW I HATE YOU A LITTLE BIT. hahaha

  2. Kiersten Post author

    Thanks, Nan! I made this from some yarn I spun from some fiber by Twisted Fiber Arts. It was a colorway called “Sherwood.” I absolutely love the yarn and fibers from that online shop. The dyer is definitely one of the good guys.

  3. JoAnne Chapman

    Where can I purchase this scarf pattern? Can ait be purchased through this website?? Is it a download? Thank you so much.

    1. Kiersten Post author

      You’ll find a link in the comment above yours. I did 1 repeat of a traditional Feather & Fan stitch pattern.


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