Good news: I have a lot of Christmas presents started.

Bad news: I do not have any Christmas presents finished.

Good news: Homeschooling the children gives me lots of knitting time while the children classify sentences and while Ellie takes her sweet time on her assignments.

Bad news: My fingers are itching to start new pairs of socks.

Good news: I’m not starting any new pairs of socks until I make a serious dent in this pile.

Bad news: At LEAST 2 of these projects are bound for the frog pond, as I started them many moons ago and did not realize until afterwards that I was wrapping my yarn overs the wrong way.

Good news: That will help put a dent in this pile.


3 thoughts on “1-800-SOCK-ADD

  1. Sonja

    I am so glad I’m not the only perpetual ripper LOL.

    I had self striping yarn that I was “certain” I had started in the right place for each sock. It wasn’t until I started the second sock that I discovered that the pattern was starting in the same place, but going in the opposite direction.

    I ripped and knitting BOTH socks at the same time on two circs. I don’t think I’ll ever knit one-at-a-time again.


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