New things!

As of today, I have a new knitting trick up my sleeve: Entrelac.

I used the center part of this pattern to try my hand.  I really like it.  I knit this bit with some of my own handspun, as I wanted to see the effect with the color changes.  Very very cool.

New thing #2:

My local yarn shop got in their shipment of Noro sock yarn.  Katie and I went down to the shop and did a fair amount of drooling. I’ve admired Noro colors for a very long time, but this is a big day because it marks my First Ever Noro Purchase. (insert party noises)  I love the vibrant colors.  I’m looking forward to testing this, too, as I’ve heard dramatically opposing reviews.  It’s very rough, but I’ve heard it softens with use.  If not, these socks may be used for disciplinary purposes…”NO NO! Not the socks, Mom!  I promise I’ll keep my room clean just DON’T MAKE ME WEAR THE NORO SOCKS!”


7 thoughts on “New things!

  1. checmamamentor

    Ha! Our yarn store just got some too! And I bought some for my daughter for an early graduation present because she’s the big sock knitter. I thought it was pretty rough and scratchy too. But I was optimistic because the other Noro I’ve used turned into lovely soft felt. Anyway, once my daughter started knitting with it, it seemed a lot smoother and softer.

  2. sonatinalina

    Hi! I’m checmamamentor’s daughter and I must say that yes, the yarn is rather scratchy in the ball, but I like how it is knitting up. It can only get softer right? The colors make me SO VERY HAPPY. Enjoy!

  3. Cathe

    I LOVE IT! My mom loves it, too! How do you do it? (a brief explanation by IM will be fine…)

    The Noro yarn is wool?

  4. Kiersten Post author

    Thank you, wonderliza! It’s handspun yarn, the Sherwood colorway from Meg at Twisted Fiber Arts. She’s a wonderful color wizard!


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