A Time to Knit, and a Time to Be Slaughtered

Timeline (all times approximate):

10:30pm Tuesday night, the subject was given permission to cast on a new hat in place of a missing WIP for her 6th target.

10:30:03pm Tuesday night, the subject grabbed a nearby hank of Malabrigo Worsted in Indigo and cast on.

12:11am Wednesday morning, the subject reportedly went to bed, laid awake for approximately 30 minutes, and then returned to the squishy blue lovely hat of destruction.

2:00am Wednesday morning, the subject went to bed again with only the decreases remaining on the hat.

Too Stinking Early am Wednesday morning, subject was awakened by a snuggly 4 year old, and after some drowsy cuddling, returned to her knitting.

9:00am Wednesday morning, the subject completed her 6th hat for HatAttack! and prepared it for shipment.

 Fire Six!

9:30 am Wednesday morning, the subject’s husband took possession of the weapon and transported it to the nearest FedEx facility.  The subject and the subject’s children left the home to run errands.

11:30am, Wednesday morning, the subject was found in this position.  She was taken out by an excellently knit wool weapon, and was found clutching her Addi Turbo needles and her pattern for the Binary Cable Hat.

Out of 353 warriors, the subject survived to become one of the Magnificent Seven before meeting her doom.

Fight on, brave warriors.


7 thoughts on “A Time to Knit, and a Time to Be Slaughtered

  1. ~*~ Jennifer ~*~

    Oh WOW!!! I’m so impressed… and aren’t you glad it’s a pretty hat that gotcha!!??!! =)

    Wear it with pride…

    (My boys are now taken to calling those beanies – not hats… they are cool with wrestlers, I guess).

  2. Melian

    I’m unbelievably impressed. When I have time to learn some mad knitting skills, I’m joining one of these things, but NOT one that you are in!!


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