Maid Marian

This, dear readers, is a hard colorway to photograph!  This doesn’t do justice to all the variations of green in Meg of Twisted’s dyeing skill. She and her people are working on a brand new website, which I’m sure will be amazing.  Anywho, the fiber is a blend of merino wool and tussah silk.  It came out to about 172 yards, navajo plied, and looks to be a worsted or heavy worsted weight.  It was a nice one to spin! The name is a tangent from Meg’s name for her colorway: Sherwood.

In other news, my latest Hat Attack!  assassin informed me that she’s mailing my hat of doom today in the mail.  There are fewer than 10 of us left alive, I believe.  I’ve knit five weapons and there’s a slight chance I might get to knit one more before the dreaded package arrives.  I’ll be making out the will…if you want anything, let me know. 😉


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