This hat was designed and knit in honor of our church’s newest newborn baby. 


The bottom lace is inspired by a flat lace that I converted to in-the-round knitting and tweaked to make more suitable for a hat.  I played with the border where the lace meets the “plain” part of the hat to give it a little visual flair, and then engineered a pretty decrease detail on the top of the hat.


It is 15″ in diameter, and the lace is very stretchy, so this hat will go from newborn well into the first year.  I put it on Ellie to get an idea of the stretch of the lace and I’m pleased that this proved to be a versatile pattern that will hopefully last Isabella for some time.


This one’s for the little wee darling, but if you’d like to make your own, I am selling the pattern.

The good fairies at Paypal tell me that clicking on the button below will take you to a magical page where you can electronically send $3.  They will send elves to inform me of payment, and then I will email a PDF file to the email address you used with Paypal. I am sprinkling fairy dust on the computer for good measure.



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