Finish, schminish…


 These socks are also made from yarn with the colorway “Tuscany” but they are much less tomato-y.  It’s Lorna’s Laces from my Christmas yarn from Mom & Dad.  I love it.  But that means I’ve got 2 different tuscany socks in progress.  That’s a whole new level of cast-on-itis, I believe.

I do have a plausible excuse for casting on this pair, though:


Shortly after finishing (yes, sometimes I really do finish projects) my first pair of socks using the Magic Loop method, I was intrigued by the idea of Magic Looping two socks at once on the same circular needle.  It would certainly cut down on the dreaded SSS (second sock syndrome) that sometimes threatens sock knitters. 

The first trick is in casting on properly.  To make the magic loop work, you can’t cast on all the stitches for sock 1 and then all the stitches for sock 2.  It won’t work.  Ask me how I figured that out.  Well, don’t, really.  What you want to do is cast on half the stitches for sock 1 (with ball 1 of yarn) and then all the stitches for sock 2 (with ball 2 of yarn) and then the remaining half of the stitches for sock 1 (with ball 1 again).  It’s a little mind-numbing for the spatially challenged among us, but if I can do it, so can you.

The second trick is keeping the separate balls of yarn from getting too friendly with one another as you knit.  Snarls happen. (This is the first try on Regia, and I like it so far!)

The third trick is looming ahead of me:  how to do the heels.  I think I’ve got a plan.  I think I can just work back and forth on half of each sock’s stitches.  If I’m wrong I’ll do an afterthought heel.  I think.

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