There are 15 of us left.  This hat went out this morning to lessen the number by one.  I’ve seen some investigating into the status of the hat intended to take me out, so I’m sure my days are numbered, but I’d never have believed I’d survive this long. 

One of my readers asked about what skills should be learned before entering the fray for Hat Attack 2.  I’d suggest working a few “in the round” simple hat patterns, then learning how to do cables (much easier than it looks!).  Here are a few patterns that would give some great hat attack practice:

A Very Plain Hat

The Over Due Hat Pattern


2 thoughts on “FIRE FIVE!

  1. Tawni

    Go Kiersten!! May the mail-gnomes eat your impending death. 😉

    Patterns have been duly added to the queue. They will be a welcome break, I’m sure, between bridesmaid-shrugs. 🙂

  2. ~*~ Jennifer ~*~

    Ugh.. you can KNOW about your impending death, before it arrives?? Oh how nerve wracking that would be.

    So — you get a new hat out of the deal?

    Do they all have to be the same color? Will you know what it looks like? I hope it fits someone at your house. LOL


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