The best laid plans…

The best laid plans fall to pieces when fabric decides to be persnickety.  I cut out underdresses today for the girls’ Easter attire.  That was fine and dandy.  Then I tackled cutting out the filmy gauzy stuff for the over dresses.  Oy.  It was like working with wet tissue paper.  It stretched and slipped and utterly refused to be cut into a straight line. Would. Not. Happen.  So I’ve gone to Plan C: plain underdresses with an overskirt sewn on, and knit stoles for around their shoulders.  Sean commented that this worked out pretty well for me, since I’d rather be knitting than sewing.  Double true.  The messes of fabric are tucked away out of sight until tomorrow morning.  Even sewing overskirts out of that stuff is going to require a full night’s sleep.

So, if any of you ever (and I do mean ever) hear me say something insane like “I think I’ll sew something gauzy” again, I am begging you please, in no gentle manner, to promptly and firmly whack me upside the head.

You don’t see a problem with knitting 2 stoles in 3 days, do you?


4 thoughts on “The best laid plans…

  1. Tawni

    Can’t wait to see the stoles! One of the many failed sewing projects of my high school years was sheer and gauzy like that… *shudder*
    I’m seriously considering crocheting shrugs for all my bridesmaids. I found a pattern on ravelry I really like!

  2. Beth

    I have some gauze in pretty colors. They are about two years old now because I made one shirt, and gave up. That stuff drives you batty. It’s right up there with chiffon.


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