Google is a funny thing

There’s not a lot to report with the knitting.  I’m still working on about 3 pairs of socks, and just finished the first of the Tuscan Tomato pair.  The ratio is 2 Christmas presents to 1 personal pair, so I think that keeps me on the “Nice” list for December.  The red sweater is progressing slowly, mostly because of Insufficient Yarn Phobia.  I’ll face that fear soon, but it’s hard to get too fussed about a wool sweater when the weather is finally starting to head in the direction of the 60s.  My spinning wheel is looking a bit forlorn and neglected…I’ll have to give her some attention soon, or she might get her feelings hurt. 

Nothing much will happen for a few days, though, because I’m about to begin the yearly tradition called “Paying the Piper for Procrastination.”  I’ve got 2 Easter dresses to get sewn, and because I’m a sucker for cuteness and pleading from my girls, I’m actually sewing 4 dresses…plain sleeveless underdresses with sheer overdresses.  I’ve never sewn on sheer material before, so it will be a learning experience for sure.  I’m very interested in how the directions are going to make it so that the seams don’t look hideous.  Anyhow, it’s a yearly tradition for me to refrain from starting up on the Easter sewing until the week before the holiday.  I’m actually ahead of the game this year, because if things work out according to plan, I’ll be starting before Saturday. 

But we all know what sometimes happens to the best laid plans…

 So I was looking at my wordpress dashboard and browsing through the search engine terms people have used to come to my blog.  Some of them are insane, and some of them are funny.  Here are a few for your entertainment:

“the first knitting blog”  Can’t claim that one…sorry!

“yarn baller”  Have I used that term?  I like it!

“Calorimetry”  Popular and cool pattern.

“Navajo plying”  A little scary, considering I’ve only been doing that a very short time.  Look for the pros, people!

“hat attack”  Sweet.  By the way, there are 24 of us still alive.  The organizers are planning Hat Attack II and have a shop set up to buy merchandise for this round to pay for some software, etc to make next round easier & better.  I have my eye on a t-shirt that says “knitter go smashy smashy”.  I love it!!!

And finally…

“What Katie did knitting blog”  What Katie did could fill up an entire blog all by itself.

2 thoughts on “Google is a funny thing

  1. ~*~ Jennifer ~*~

    My most searched thing… my story about the big horse we saw have “surgery” at the large animal vet, for a field trip. ::sigh:: some people are WEIRD. They come from all over the world to see that one. What are people thinking?

  2. Tawni

    hmmm… so if I wanted in on the next round of this “hat attack” thing, what techniques should I learn between now and then, do you think?


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