Gauge is your friend


Changing from size 2 to size 0 needles changed the gauge enough to get striping instead of pooling.  Good. Thing. (But good gravy, I never thought I’d be convinced to knit anything on size 0 needles…yowza.)


Gauge can also be a harsh mistress, as evidenced above.  The bottom hat is FIRE FOUR! for Hat Attack that I’m sending off to PA as soon as Sean gets home from visiting a new baby.  (Lucky.)  The top hat is the reason I knit the bottom hat.  The player who knit the top hat had swatched for gauge, but either her gauge changed significantly as she was knitting or the gauge just plain lied to her, or the postal service’s gnomes shrunk it in transit to its intended target. My money’s on the gnomes.  In any case, the weapon was determined to be too small and declared a misfire.  It came to me.  The beautiful yarn would not frog, so I started over with new yarn.


Fire four.

The misfire was not a total loss, though…I need to report a special sort of casualty.


Then again, she was like this before she put on the hat…


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