He totally gets it

My 12 year old son, Jonathan, was looking at Ellie’s new tube knitting paraphenalia.

J: Is that acrylic yarn?

Me: No, it’s wool.  I’ll go downstairs and dig up some acrylic for her later.

J: For her stash?

Me: You think Ellie needs a stash? [remember, the girl is 4.]

J: Well, you can’t be a real knitter without a stash, right?

I love this boy.


7 thoughts on “He totally gets it

  1. ~*~ Jennifer ~*~

    Ohhh… he is a good husband in training. He’s gonna ask him wife, “Where is your stash?” and she will FAINT!! Ü (Then go dig up her stash that she was hiding). tee hee…

    Good Job Mom!! Way to go

  2. Mrs. Heidmann

    That’s awesome. And stashes, indeed, are very important for every girl, of every age. My question is, and maybe you have answered this somewhere already, but, when you have several girls with several stashes (as I do) what are your recommendations for stash *storage*?

  3. lynn

    hahaha! That’s priceless! My 10 year old son got his first set of needles last week… now I’m just waiting for him to get off the computer to try them out!


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