There’s got to be a name…

There’s got to be a name for the feeling/sensation/cold sweat that knitters experience when they start fixating on the possibility that they may not, in fact, have enough yarn to finish a project.  I am plugging away on this sweater, and I really do love it.  I’m very curious as to how it’s going to look ON, but that’s another issue entirely.  I figure in the worst case, in which it may make me look like a beached whale, I can at least sleep in it or wear it around the house.  Anyway, I’ve worked from the rolled hem to where the front splits, and I was knitting the left front last night, and the fretting began.  Do I have enough yarn to finish the body AND knit 2 arms?  My arms are pretty short and stubby…are they short and stubby enough?  I wonder how many balls of yarn each arm will take?  How about the top half of the back?  You see what I mean.

I can get more yarn if I have to, but that brings along associated issues: will it be the same dyelot?  If not, will the difference be noticeable? Do I wait until I run out before ordering, or do I order now so it’s here when I run out? Oh, the drama.

So, do YOU know the technical name for that feeling?


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