Be still my heart


The girls and I made a trip to Hobby Lobby today.  Katie was wanting to get another cross stitch kit, and I needed a stitch holder.  Ellie asked to come, and so I brought her along.  Then I started feeling sorry for the girl…she’s the only female in the house without fiber skills.  I know she’s only four, but I’m pretty sure some Shetland children were knitting aran sweaters to help support their families by the time they were walking, right?  Humor me.

In a recent visit with friends, we learned of a cool little spool knitter that looks especially designed for those fresh out of toddlerhood who find themselves ready to dive head first into the world of knitting.  Ellie and I picked one out and the second we hit home, she was ready to get to business.


It took less than 3 minutes to show her the principle (and a good part of that time was taken by her mother’s inability to read instructions on how to thread the thing).  She is cookin’ with gas.


Look at that technique!  Look at that concentration!  Look at the fact that she’s too busy to take off her jacket from the errrand!  At last check, she’d done over 14″ progress.  She’s making a very long tube.  It’s a thing of beauty.


And THAT is the look of a girl who loves her some knitting.  My girl.


7 thoughts on “Be still my heart

  1. Tawni

    yay Ellie!!
    I went to Hobby Lobby today too! Got a little more sale yarn and a stamp to make my wedding invites. 🙂
    I wonder if we were there at the same time? 😉

  2. kaele

    So, I was reading a children’s book to Lydia and saw that one of the characters was doing this same thing and then sewed the tube together in a spiral fashion to make a rug!? (Kinda like a braided rug.) Perhaps you have seen this before…just thought I’d pass on the idea in case you’re wondering to do with all that beautiful tubing! 😉

  3. Beth

    Loom knitting is excellent for those not yet quite ready for standard knitting. My DD12 has gotten quite adept at using looms. The possibilities are endless.
    Can’t wait to see what she is going to do with her tube.


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