Working on a first


A sweater for me.  I saw this pattern in an Interweave Knits, and luuuurve it.  I’ve never knit a sweater for myself before, so this is a Grand Experiment in which I am exploring:

1. Whether or not I really can knit and trust a gauge swatch.

2. Whether or not I can measure my own self and trust those measurements.

3. The practical definition and workings of negative ease.

4. Rolled edges on a grownup.

5. Whether or not I’m a good guesser/converter with respect to yarn yardage requirements.

It’s a lot of math and a lot of trust in methods…kind of like Calc 3, and that didn’t work out so well the first time.  I’m hoping this one will be okay the first time.  The thought of frogging that much yarn is…ooky.


Here’s a closeup of a little less than half of the cabled motif that goes smack in the middle of this sweater. It’s supposed to be shaping.  And purty. And flattering. 

Nothing like Calc 3. Either time.


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