Itty Bitty Ellie Sockies


Ellie is our 4th and last child.  You would think (and most of the time you’d be correct) that Miss Ellie is doted upon and every desire of her wittle  pwecious heawt is met instantly. OK, I exaggerate.  A little.  The point is that this child is the last person in this household to receive hand knit socks, and that just seems all kinds of wrong.  I’m going to claim that it’s because her feet were growing at an enormous rate and it just didn’t make sense to have knit her any before now.  I realize that’s a junky argument.  It’s not like her feet have really slowed down growing at all. or that the feet of the other children were not growing when I knit socks for them.  I didn’t say it was a rational claim.


Poor thing, I even made her stand out in the cold on the porch to try and take pictures in natural light.I’m pretty sure she’s hopping from the cold.  Poor dear.  Good thing she’s got wool socks, eh?

These were knit on size 3 dpns with Knit Picks’ Sock Garden yarn in the Hydrangea colorway.  If you’d like to make some for your favorite neglected child (mine is of the four year old persuasion)…

CO 36 stitches 

Work k2 p2 rib for an inch or so

Work stockinette for another 3-4 inches

Work your favorite heel. I did a short row heel over 18 stitches.

Work foot in stockinette until about an inch short of total length.

Work general toe: alternate 1 decrease row* with one k around row until you’ve got about 10 stitches, then decrease every round until you’ve got 12 left, graft closed with kitchener stitch.

Present to happy girl who will likely throw them in the laundry to be shrunk within a week.

*My general decrease is to have the stitches divided as so: needle 1 has the stitches for the top of the sock (1/2 of total stitches), needles 2 & 3 have the other, bottom half of the needles.  For a decrease round, start with needle 1: k2, ssk, k to last 4 stitches, k2tog, k2.  Needle 2: k2, ssk, k to end of needle. Needle 3: k to last 4 stitches, k2tog, k2.

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