False alarm

I was driving.  The boys were in the car with me.  We were leaving co op to go pick up the church bulletins and come home.  I called home for a quick check in.

Sean: Speaking of roller coasters and death… (we weren’t)…you got a package today in the mail.

Kiersten:  I did?  Is it a hat?  Am I dead?

Sean: I don’t know.  You got a squishy package.

Kiersten: WHERE IS IT FROM??? (You absolutely do not lose points for grammar when under the threat of impending death)

Sean:  Ummm…South Dakota.

Kiersten:  (thinking…hmmm…if it was from California, it’d be a WIP…I don’t know where my death hat would come from…I didn’t think anyone was left alive in South Dakota…who is in South Dakota???)  AHA!  It’s the Fiber of the Month Club!!!!  I’M STILL ALIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE!!!

Sean: You are nuts.

I ignored that comment along with the others that came from my travelling companions. 🙂

Big posts coming soon on the knitting blog, including:

Finished objects

Free patterns for said finished objects

Perhaps a new Page where I’ll start collecting the patterns I write for finished objects

A “how does that work” photo essay for Mary, so she can see how to get yarn from fiber

Oh, and have I mentioned I’m still alive????

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