Easter for Valentine’s Day


The top roving (of my Valentine’s Day present) has been spun!  The colorway is “Agnes.”


I think it looks like Easter.  Or irises. 


It’s very soft and has a neat shine to it.  Fun stuff to spin!

I knit up a little beanie out of Hithlain for the Ellie, but we have yet to take pictures as the bug that is hitting the entire nation has decided to stop in for a spell.  Miss Ellie has not the inclination for a photo shoot, at present.

I’m fiddling around with another sock heel.  I’m trying the afterthought heel on a pair of socks for the first time.  It sounds painless, but it involves knitting the entire sock (without the heel) and then snipping the yarn and inserting a heel afterwards.   Doesn’t that sound like a scary thing?  I wouldn’t even try it except that I’m trying to enter another pair of socks in this month’s Sockdown on Ravelry…it’s all about trying new heels for socks.  I may learn to love it, like I did short row heels, but at the moment it’s a little nerve-wracking to think about. 


This little kimono and hat set was for a baby shower this weekend.  We don’t yet know what flavor the baby will be, so the outfit needed to be neutral.  I would put a girl in that blue.  Really.  I would.

Hat Attack update: 29 white list (no notice has been given of a hat on the way to them) and 18 yellow list (they’ve been told their hat is on the way to them).  I’m still on the white list and hoping to get a 3rd WIP in the mail any day!


2 thoughts on “Easter for Valentine’s Day

  1. Sharon

    Love the kimono!!! So cute!

    I showed Mary your blog last night. She was asking me about spinning yarn; if it was colored before or after it was spun. I showed her pictures of your pictures. She would like more pictures of the process please. I know you have more than enough time to put together a little documentary.


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