Today in the mail I received a skein of yarn.  Technically, it’s a hat that didn’t get finished before the hat attack struck this person.  But in actuality, it was just a skein of yarn…I had to got to knit the whole thing.


But that’s okay. I like knitting.  I like knitting Hat Attack hats. I like dashing to the post office in hopes of getting the hat out the same day I received the yarn.


Fire two.

There are about 46 people (from the original 353ish) who, like me, have not been taken out by a hat and/or been told their hat is on the way.  It feels good to be alive! 

4 thoughts on “FIRE TWO!

  1. sodbusters

    WOO HOO!
    I love what you have done! I looked at Mumsie’s new knitting book yesterday and it said cables were knitted with three needles?
    Man, I really need to get busy on making progress on my learning.
    Myabe I am now ready to attempt that hat again. Did jaKe use two strands of yarn when making her’s? I about dropped when I saw that.


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