Thanks, honey!

When I married my husband over 13 years ago, neither of us had any idea that I would become so…interested (?) in fibery crafts.  I was reminded of this fact this morning when a package arrived for me, containing my superbowl bet winnings and my Valentine’s Day presents from Sean.


These are all from Meg of Twisted Fiber Art.  I love her stuff, her eye for color, and the way she runs her business.  She’s a gem! The rovings are for Valentine’s Day and I won the yarn when somebody won the superbowl this year.  Was it the Giants?  I don’t remember and I don’t even care that much…it was good for some great yarn!  Anyway, it’s a good man who is so supportive of his wife’s “interests,” especially when he had no previous warning of them before he married.  I’ve got a good one!

I started spinning some very dark jewel toned roving last night…pretty stuff!  But no pictures yet.  I also started a garnet-colored pullover yesterday.  You might be tempted to think I’m in another “starting stuff” phase, and I might be, although I’m just about done with one of the first items for Christmas 2008.  That just cracks me up…me, knitting for Christmas in February.  HA!

My sister asked about Hat Attack and along with wishing her a Happy Birthday! today, I’ll answer her…isn’t she kind to worry about the survival of her sibling?  Someone posted that over 60% of the participants are “dead” as of last night.  My target got her hat last Tuesday, but she’d mailed out her own hat that same day, so I needed to wait for some things to get sorted before I’d get a hat-in-progress from someone down the line.  Yesterday I heard from a lady who kindly told me she’d mail it this morning, so I may have the opportunity to knit a second weapon before I’m taken out.  MY assassin was a college student dealing with midterms, so the poor dear barely had time to cast on before she got a hat in the mail.  It looks like there may be a lot of forwarding before the weapon intended for me can get to someone who will finish it, so I may actually live out the week!  It’s been great fun.


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