On the Eve of Battle

There are 353 of us signed up for Hat Attack.  The pattern will be released tomorrow morning, and the mercenary knitting will begin.  I can’t believe I’m so excited about this, but you know, it is February.  A little spice and excitement is a welcome thing.  Because my life hasn’t much spice and excitement…with 4 children.  Hmmm….what was I thinking?

My target lives in Wisconsin.  The one targeting me lives in Vancouver.  Poor gal is actually going to have to pay customs for the privilege of taking me out.  Is it wrong to pray for a horrendous snowstorm to block her in her house for a few days making it impossible for her to post her hat?  Probably…

In other knitting news, MYA has successfully convinced me that February should become a vest for her.  The back is done and the front is maybe half done.  (No chance on the whole thing being finished and blocked before tomorrow morning…sorry toots.  To the back burner it will go.)  I’m seeing once again how utterly impossible it is to guess the kind of finished product that will come from a piece of roving.  This wool was lovely to work with, but I wasn’t just nutso about the color scheme painted on it.  It was nice, but nothing to go apey over.  As I spun it, I liked it more.  The colors blended together well and calmed down a bit.  Then I plied it and was less excited about it.  I had not yet learned to Navajo ply, and so I was seeing some colors come together in the yarn that I thought, honestly, a little ooky about.  Now that I’m knitting it up, I like it more than ever.


Here’s a glimpse of some of the back.  I think the striping is really neat.  I wouldn’t have been able to plan it, nor to guess how it would look, but I really, really like it.  I’m glad to see it, too, because I might otherwise have given up on the 2-ply for multi-colored roving in favor of the Navajo plying.  I like this effect.  So does the wee girlie.

I’ll see what I can get done before the battle begins. 😉


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