Don’t drink it

The Hemlock Ring Blanket is now a Hemlock bag…


…shapeless and mumsy.  The center flower is pretty neat, and I like the feather and fan pattern that comes afterwards, except when I don’t, which is usually when I have 2 extra stitches that I swear appeared out of nowhere. 


The center does not lie flat…not at all.  I am hoping that that will all be sorted out in the blocking process.

It is a very clever idea, though, to take a doily pattern, intended to be knit with laceweight yarn, and use worsted instead and make it a blanket.  It gives me a reason to browse doily patterns.  I have yet to knit a doily as a doily for the purpose of being a doily.  I’m not much of a doily kind of gal.


Pink Pommie one has a heel.  These were cast on as a “Sockdown” entry on Ravelry.  I have until the end of February to finish these and post pictures, and then I can be entered in a drawing for fabulous prizes.  I don’t know if I’m going to make it.  Mindless knitting this is not. I will need a serious “Finishing Frenzy” to hit me at the right time. It’s a beautiful pattern, but it is the fussiest I’ve knit yet…mostly p1, k1tbl, with some yo & k2tog thrown in…and utterly unfudgeable.


Here’s a peek at some candy that arrived at my doorstep yesterday. Whee!

And finally, a Hat Attack Update:


My weapon, swatched, poised & ready. I’m a kind killer, using a lovely purple yarn, as opposed to some of the other smack-talking would-be assassins, who are talking about using yarns with enticing color names like “Clown Barf” and “Nuclear Green.”  Fun fur has been threatened.

I checked the battle roster this morning and there were 211 knitters signed up for battle. Here is a link to the map of participants who have been “plotted” so far. The pattern designer has so far let us know that there will be cables, and that the first version of the hat was beautiful, but didn’t take long enough. 

I’m a little excited about it.  Just a little.


5 thoughts on “Don’t drink it

  1. knitoneblogtwo Post author

    It’s the one on the pattern, Cathe. I am not fiddling with this one. On the right side, you sl1, then alternate between p1 and k1tbl, and on the wrong side you sl1 and then alternate between k1 and p1tbl. It keeps the p1, k1tbl pattern that’s throughout the whole sock.

    Jeanne, thanks! It’s roving. SO soft.

    Challice…keep practicing! 😉

  2. Kaele

    Didn’t you know it’s impossible to “keep house” without a certain number of doilies? DON’T YOU remember that movie? 😉 You better get on that! Tee-hee!


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