Killer Knitting

Some of you may have heard about Sock Wars. I didn’t, until it was about over, and I thought that sounded like the coolest thing. I thought the idea of knitters around the globe, frantically working on socks and dashing to the nearest and fastest postal facility, dreading the day’s mail, etc., was just hilarious.  Too. Much. Fun.

And then it became serious. 

Inspired by Sock Wars, another competition is about to begin, called Hat Attack, and I am IN.  Sign ups are here and I believe go until February 6. Sometime on February 9, a hat pattern involving cables will be posted, and I will be given a target.  My job is to complete the hat and get it to my target before my “assassin” gets a hat to me.  Should I fall in battle before hitting my target, I must forward my partially completed hat to my assassin, who will try to stay alive by finishing it and hitting my target before receiving their own fatal hat in the mail.

It sounds like a mighty battle, with glory and hats to be won.  The taunting on Ravelry is thunderous, and there were almost 150 warriors on the Battle Roster last I checked, from Canada to Italy to Australia.

I am ready.  I am armed.  And I am not afraid. 


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