Harriet’s Posies

It’s Mr. Roger’s fault…I loved those little films that he would show about how things were made.  In fact, did you know they have a whole bunch of them online now?  King Friday freaked me out a bit, but I LOVED Picture Picture…process is fascinating!

Anyway, here are some photos of Harriet’s Posies, beginning at the beginning…





If I counted correctly and carried the nine (Listen to your mother! Stay in school!), I ended up with 378 yards of 2 ply yarn from 8 oz of roving.  I ended up with quite a bit of single left over on one spool…I think I’ll go to weighing the halves of roving instead of trying to eyeball it. 

I’ve got another 8 oz roving from the lady who dyed this one, and I’m looking forward to starting on it. The colors are much more muted blues, purples and browns. I’m telling you, spinning is therapeutic.  There’s enough physical effort (with my double treadle wheel) to burn off some juice, and there is nothing like the thwacking at the end. And the good news is, you end up with something pretty! Bonus!

I mentioned The Guild in an earlier post…we’ve got several items up on eBay at the moment. I love seeing the creativity of my friends! I think there’s still time to sign up for the mailing list and be eligible for the drawing for free stuff.

I’m still plugging away at the to-be-felted Fair Isle tote.  It’s a bit of an experiment, but those are usually fun. 


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