Behold the beautiful model (one of Chautona’s girls…do we use names, Chautona? I can’t remember!) in her Christmas present: The Autum Fair Isle Cardigan & Skirt Set.


Isn’t she beautiful?  The photos were taken by another lovely daughter…who shall remain nameless (zzzzameless?) until her mother chooses to make a disclosure, but man, is she a good photographer!


She’s stylin’ and profilin’.


She’s makin’ my work look goooooooood.


I think she and her sister could open a modelling/photography business, how ’bout you?


She makes me happy that I knit.


Very happy, indeed.


10 thoughts on “Finito

  1. mamabeck


    K just dropped her jaw, staring, when I showed it to her just now. She said “there’s no words for that. Beautiful!”

    J looks faboo in it, just a perfect fit…

    and I love the headband…might ye be willin’ to share that pattern, or where you got it???

    And great job B on the photos…as always! She’s SERIOUSLY got a career ahead!

  2. hippiechyck

    simply divine! what a beautiful set and model 😉 i think they both can make a decent living and support K&C in their old age

  3. Amy

    They are jaw-droppingly gorgeous! (the model AND the knitting). Kiersten, I am in awe (and envy 😉 of your skill. Amazing job!

  4. sodbusters

    Oh Kirky! My sister is just lovely. Braelyn does take good photo’s. I think she is still working on her gallery at her website I do hope she uses these. Your outfit is just lovely, and if I may brag on my younger sister, she just brings out the outfit. Lovely work. WOW!

  5. chautona

    Isn’t Jenna gorgeous!!! Kirky did a fine job I’d say and Jenna LOVES her outfit.


    Now for andra in Blue and green and purple in nice icy tones…


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